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 Continuing my fascination in making sounds beyond human hearing audible, the soundscape that forms part of The Bell Tree transforms you into a nature spirit. The lyrics interweave sacred plantlore with greek myth that often see spurned lovers who die tragically transformed into plants. Ovid’s Metamorphosis tells the homoerotic love story of Apollo and the beautiful Spartan prince Hyacinthus, who suffered an accidental death due to his jealous lovers, Apollo, the Sun god and Zephyrus, the god of Air. The blood of Hyacinthus was transformed into blue curled petals and forever Apollo’s grief is represented by the genus of  Hyacynthoides  to which the bluebell belongs.
 Read Stephanie Gavan’s review of The Bell Tree in The Double Negative  http://www.thedoublenegative.co.uk/2018/11/slipping-through-some-thinly-veiled-realm-serena-kordas-the-bell-tree-reviewed/   Photo Credit: Chris Egon Searle
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